Niche 385

LOUNGE – Layout

Recommended Furniture

  • Round Table (QTY 6)
  • Wall Partition (QTY 2)
  • VIP Couch
  • Cocktail Table (QTY 3)
  • Seating (QTY 36 - 68)

The Lounge Layout is recommended to any Renter who is interested in using our space for: a birthday, private social gathering, etc.

Our 5ft Round tables commonly seat 6 people. Should you wish to extend to 8 seats per table, it is doable, just a little cramped. The Photo Booth area is common attraction at Birthdays and Private Events. We recommend use of our VIP Plush Couch and 2 wall partitions to better frame the shot. The placement of the cocktail tables is a recommendation to accommodate for better spacing around the venue.